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The Pursuit of Fine Goods at Gourmet Food Markets

The Cheongdam and Apgujeong  districts exude the affluence found in the likes of Beverly Hills and Saint-Germain-des-Prés. This upmarket area is known for its leading role in setting posh trends, and its streets are lined with luxury car dealerships and high fashion flagship stores.

This penchant for luxury also permeates the food sector, where “wellbeing” culture has taken root early on. With their fresh and curated selections of specialty products and organic produce, Gourmet 494 and SSG Food Market have embraced the gourmet culture, which refers to the pursuit of fine food and drink, or haute cuisine.


korea's premium supermarket food court Gourmet 494
korea's premium supermarket food court Gourmet 494


Gourmet 494

Housed within Galleria Department Store, Gourmet 494 is a “food boutique” where Seoul’s famous restaurants, dessert brands, and grocery markets come together.

As a single place to try the most talked-about tastes from all over Seoul, Gourmet 494 has its share of millennial patrons, who often are the ones to start the word-of-mouth.

The franchise’s highly-ranked private label Gourmet 494 premium PB food by Galleria sells products like on-the-go food, instant food, spices, and beverages made with good ingredients and advanced technology.


seoul premium organic supermaket food hall gourmet 494


premium seoul food court galleria department store gourmet 494


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