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A Boom in Self-Interior Design

With the spike in single-person households since the 2010s and opening of Korea’s first IKEA in 2014, do-it-yourself home décor, or self-interior, began to catch on with Korea’s millennials, mainly among DIY-enthusiasts and those looking to personalize their living space.

As the generational leader of personal branding, millennials have been actively posting homespun decorating ideas on social media with hashtags like #OnlineHousewarming and #SelfInterior, humorously calling this act of online sharing “LAN Cable Housewarming.”

chapter 1 seoul interior shop


Although houseplants and self-assembly furniture do make up a bulk of this effort, millennials with an eye for design rummage through specialty stores for unique pieces.

Chapter 1, founded by wife-and-husband duo Gaon Kim and Byungjun Koo, opened its first location, Chapter 1 Select, under the principle of sourcing high-quality goods that conceptually match their space rather than relying on popular brands.
chapter one seoul interior shop cafe
chapter 1 seoul interior
found local coffee shop brunch chapter 1
The assortment of furniture, lighting, and tableware in the showroom gives a feel for Korea’s lifestyle design aesthetics that have a timeless quality, as seen in their best-selling items “Pebble Mirror” by APAIRB and “Bubble Cup” by WYU.
Despite its unique approach to a trend-sensitive market, Chapter 1 still finds itself pioneering fads like marble trays and Persian carpets and even runs its own production line "Still Life" to collaborate with local craftsmen like Kwon Na-ri and Jeong Jun-young.
Another location, Chapter 1 Edit, provides an extensive platform for domestic artists to bring their crafts to market. A Korean-style bistro located on the ground floor, Found Local, complements the multi-shop to reflect the breadth of Korean aesthetics.
found local coffee chapter 1

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