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“Window Bakeries” Invite You for a Meal

 Because rice was the main staple in Korea, bread was relegated to mere snack status.


Our Bakery Seoul Trendy Bakery Shop
our bakery seoul trendy bakery shop


But as Korean's diet started to diversify, it initiated a decrease in rice consumption and bread began making an appearance as the mealtime menu. The demand for so-called “meal-bread,” that are familiar to European markets is on the rise; including breads like pain de campagne (french sourdough), baguette, pain de mie (sandwich bread), bagel, and ciabatta.

Our Bakery Seoul


our bakery seoul trend



The interest in ingredients such as rye and other grains is also equally high. Following this uptick in bread consumption is the “window bakery" which refers to a bakery that displays the baking process to its customers.


This setup provides a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes that further beckons at rumbling stomachs.


our bakery seoul


Cafe street 'Garosugil' offering satisfying bread fit for a light meal.

Sinsa-dong’s Garosu-gil is dotted with several of such window bakeries. Flour Artisan Bakery & Café, with its floor-to-ceiling windows, is easy to spot. The open floor plan shows the inner workings of the bakery and amplifies its roominess and lively energy. The red bean butter baguette and red wine fig pain de campagne make suitable meal alternatives.


our bakery seoul


Bakery cafés renovated from single-family homes offer a comfy setting where customers can enjoy freshly baked bread straight from the kitchen. OUR Bakery Café is cozy with wooden interiors that reflect its mission to ensure every customer feels at home. First-time visitors are recommended the sandwiches with mugwort injeolmi bread and injeolmi croissant.
The spacious Yeonlip Ppangongjang was converted from a three-story villa. The 3rd floor is a café, while the titular bread factory occupies the semi-basement next to the staircase, visible from the entrance. Must-tries are “long garlic” – a mini baguette with garlic paste, “ink cheese croissant,” and to wash it all down, the “Yeonlip Cream Coffee,” which resembles the Viennese coffee Einspänner.



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