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Interactive Dog Toy - Hallabong Tangerine | Bacon Box




Dekopon Noisework Toy

Inside the huge Dekopon that looks delicious, Tangerine slices and long tissues are hidden.

Dekopon Noisework Toy


Smelling than eating

Dogs with developed sense of smell get information about the environment through smell, and they can relieve stress and exercise their brain just by smelling. However, not even 10% of this highly developed sense of smell to chase their prey, is used by dogs provided with meals at home.  

Smell and Think


Bacon's THINKING toy is a toy thatpromotes insufficient olfactory activity andnurtures the dog's problem-solving ability,the power to think, through the play.Please provide your dog withmore fun and various olfactory activities!

2 levels of Nosework

2 Modules

Meet the more difficult stage nosework toy.Inside the incised entrance of Dekopon,there is a small sized nosework pocketand a long tissue, to enjoy nosework in various ways.The round shape of Dekopon stimulatesthe curiosity and interest of dogs who love ball plays.


Giant Dekopon


Inside the Dekopon, there are small slicesand long tissue. Especially,if you roll and hide treats in a long yellow cloth connected to Dekopon,you can create the nosework of higher difficulty!Hightlight is to pull out the long tissue just like a ‘tissue drawing’ game.

Small but Fruitful

Dekopon Slice

With two nosework pockets,it's a great size for dogs to bite.Ribbed fabrics are used for a wider variety of textures when biting. The squeaky sound stimulates the curiosity of your dog!

Conquer Here!

Bite Spot!

Dekopon's Bite Spot leaves are connected with ropes,so even small dogs can easily bite and play. The rustling sound stimulates your dog's curiosity even more.

Soft and Special Fabric

As it is a nosework toy that requiresthe use of mouth and nose,it is made of soft Fleece fabricto make sure it is safe to bite and shake.

NO! Cotton

The main body of Dekopon is coated with a spongeand made only with a cotton-free bonding structure.No more worries about your dog swallowing cotton.

Crunch- Squeak-

Fascinating Sounds

The high and low pitches producedby toys stimulate your dog's curiosityand arouse interest for toys.

Interactive Dog Toy - Hallabong Tangerine | Bacon Box