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Korean Anti-Blue Light Computer Glasses | OLLLA



Blue light blocking glasses have

become a must for everyone.

Not all the blue light glasses are

the same We make glasses which

block only harmful blue light and are

comfortable even after a long

period of wearing.


 Blue Light Lens

Only blocks harmful blue light from

the beneficial blue light.


In this digital age, our eyes are

constantly subjected to harmful and

aggressive blue light rays.

OLLLA Drive glasses blocks out

38% of harmful blue light emitted

from daily electronic devices.

Fashioned with 3rd Generation

lue Light Lens Technology,

OLLLA lenses simultaneously

enable clear vision while allowing safe,

bacteria-killing blue light wavelengths

to pass through.

OLLLA Drive lenses manufacturers

abide by a 99.9% UV protection policy standard.

(Excessive blue light filtering can

result in vision discolouration which

may affect perception and

functionality essential for day-to-day living).

OLLLA Drive lenses are strengthened

with layers of anti-scratch,

anti-fog, and static insulation coating to

increase the durability and

lifespan of your lenses.

Enjoy clearer vision without the

obstruction of condensation,

scratches, or dust from built up static.


A simple design that consideredn

various face shapes and styles.

With its comfortable yet stylish design,

OLLLA glasses suits anyone of all ages.


Korean Anti-Blue Light Computer Glasses | OLLLA