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Popcorn Gift Set for Kids | Poppers Kettlecorn



Poppers Kettlecorn KidBox

Popcorn which Hongdae people love to eat! Most delicious popcorn in the world    

Do not worry about what flavor to choose!

It is fun to try different flavors.


6 Fascinating Flavors


This is the original Kettle Corn made from a recipe 150 years ago in a huge cast-iron kettle. A new experience that you cannot find in any other ordinary snacks.    


Soft and sweet, using real caramel abundantly,not caramel scent.

Butter Garlic

Mixture of butter and garlic in a cast-iron kettle.

Cheddar Cheese

Combination of sweetness and saltiness of cheese.

Sour Cream Onion

Added the flavor of sweet onions to the sour cream.
Perfect match of sweet and savory      

Corn Soup

Combination of sweet crispy kettle corn and savory corn.

Adorable Pakaging

Perfect for children's day,
children's gifts, children's snacks.  

Popcorn Gift Set for Kids | Poppers Kettlecorn