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Scented Shower Filter and Shower Head Set | SHIFT



The Healthy, Revitalising Boost

Your Body Deserves

SHIFT is short for Shower and Gift.

The name alludes to the delightful shower experience that we would like to gift to you.

Experience the health benefits of clean, pure water,

just as Mother Nature intended.



SHIFT Essence

Shower Set

Essential skin food and

minerals packed in every filter.


Moisturising to the Skin




Tested and certified for use on sensitive skin

Recommended by Korea Atopy Associates

Filters out chlorine


SHIFT i Mini Essence


Compact Mini Shower Essence,

Small but Powerful

Can be used for 7 to 15 days

Mini-travel size

Moisturises, purifies, and perfumes



01. Moisturising

 SHIFT’s specialty ingredient blend  

02. Eliminate Chlorine

 Transforms tap water into subacidic water  

03. Nature Extract Scents

 Soft and subtle scents to soothe your tired senses

Scented Shower Filter and Shower Head Set | SHIFT