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Pregnancy Body Firming Stretch Mark Solution Mask (5pcs) | XUSURRUS



Most women start witnessing stretch marks during their third trimester. As excited as we are to see our babies, stretch marks are often on most mothers-to-be’s mind. 





This stretch mark prevention solution moisturises thoroughly without being sticky. 
The solution is highly absorbent with a large surface area to ensure that your entire belly is well covered.
It also contains no toxic or harmful ingredients.        

1 Mask =

60g of stretch mark cream essence


Moisturising Treatment

Restore rich moisture to barren skin. Xusurrus stretch mark mask forms a protective layer to keep your skin moisturised and protected even after treatment.      

Enhanced Skin Protection

Small protein peptides and panthenol in the mask help strengthen collapsed skin barriers and improve overall skin health



Pregnancy Body Firming Stretch Mark Solution Mask (5pcs) | XUSURRUS